Labour Attack LibDems for Drug Policy Supported by Labour Voters mdi-fullscreen

With just a week to go before the locals, Labour are really pulling out all the stops: they’re currently running Facebook attack ads in key marginals claiming the LibDems are “soft on drugs“, and would even decriminalise their use if elected. To the untrained eye, they look exactly like the LibDems’ own material. In fact, the LibDems may as well go home. Labour have decided to do their campaigning for them – a real joint effort to keep the Tories out…

Guido will have whatever the Labour communications team have been smoking. It’s so strong it’s caused them to forget drug decriminalisation is a popular policy… especially with Labour’s own voters. According to YouGov, just 24% of Labour voters want soft drug use to remain a criminal offence. A whopping 42% want it fully legalised. Hilariously, the YouGov data shows that LibDem voters are actually more opposed to decriminalisation than Labour voters.  Presumably Starmer’s been on the strong stuff again…

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