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After wasting hundreds of hours in court and thousands of pounds in donations, Jolyon has finally admitted defeat and promised that the Good Law Project (GLP) will stop submitting pointless judicial review applications against the government every five minutes. Apparently this is a result of “eye-watering costs” and government “hostility” – and the fact that judges have repeatedly told him to stop wasting time with “debatable” challenges. Although he still insists the only reason judges are telling him this is because Ministers are ‘threatening’ them…

In a lengthy, self-congratulatory statement, Jolyon revealed that the GLP will now “adapt” to survive:

“… the truth is, our work is getting more and more challenging. We have seen eye-watering costs from the Government which are, we believe, quite clearly designed to scare us off. There is a steady drumbeat of attacks on us from Ministers and threats targeted at judges to curb judicial review. […] Faced with this hostility, it would be easy to pack up and give in. But what we are building together – a fairer, more equal society – is too important. So, we will adapt.”

“…When it makes sense, we will continue cases we have started and bring new cases we still think we can win. In some instances, the best decision will be to withdraw. We will back more cases brought by others. And when Ministers tell you lies, we will continue to publish the truth. […] The law will remain central to everything we do, as will our commitment to hold those in power to account. But our work will feel a little different.”

Conveniently, the reminder to donate is still listed at the bottom of the statement. Wouldn’t want to change too much…

The reality is, as Guido has chronicled at length, Jolyon’s not-that-Good Law Project has tilted at windmills, litigated political points, wasted a lot of people’s time and money and had more defeats than victories. If he restricted himself to litigating more cases like the action he is taking on behalf of children in care, he would command widespread support. Trying to litigate political and partisan issues best decided democratically, is going to deservedly fail…

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