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Paul Mason has finally had enough of Comrade Corbyn. After years of publicly defending Jezza (albeit trashing him behind his back), Mason has at last seen the light and admitted that maybe, just maybe, Corbyn’s Stop the War lunacy is a bit much. In a lengthy thread this afternoon, Mason took aim at Jeremy over his latest think-piece on Ukraine, calling it a “catalogue of platitudes designed to mislead people about [Stop the War]” and a “a bunch of genocide deniers and Putin proxies.” All it took was a war on European soil…

He adds, however, that he doesn’t regret backing Corbyn for the Labour leadership, albeit with the caveat that he had to fight Corbyn internally “to keep Labour pro-Trident and pro-NATO:

The odds of Corbyn denouncing Stop the War are practically zero. On cue, Owen Jones showed up in the replies to call Mason an “unhinged McCarthyite” for daring to attack the dear leader, with Mason punching back by claiming he doesn’t want to share a platform with “Russian disinfo merchants.” A disinfo merchant he still doesn’t regret supporting throughout his tenure as leader, apparently…

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