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The Green Party in Oxfordshire emphasised their credentials as middle-class social justice warriors as local councillors put on a lavish taxpayer-funded banquet for officers, and boasted about it on social media. The food-laden tables – tweeted out by councillor Ian Middleton – lauded the first fully plant-based lunch forced through as council policy despite recent protests by Jeremy ClarksonOxfordshire is the first county council to adopt such an authoritarian policy…

Scanning the flower-covered tables, Guido can see for the first time exactly how environmentally friendly the new policy is. Rather than using meat sourced from local farms like Jezza’s, the Green Party can now enjoy other more far-sourced produce including pineapples, kiwi fruit, oranges and mangos. All of which are questionable environmentally since they are flown in from abroad… 

The Countryside Alliance’s Mo Metcalf-Fisher tells Guido:

“So after upsetting the farming community by shunning sustainable produce from local livestock farmers, the motion’s main advocate boldly posts a picture of an incredibly exotic, lavish, spread of fruit and vegetables at what he claims is a council meeting.

Can the councillor be certain that all of these items are locally produced and not transported from abroad? If not, he has left the council open to the accusation of hypocrisy…”

Amidst a cost of living squeeze, it seems the Green Party are saying let them eat vegan cake…

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