Communist Party Launch Local Election Campaign… After Missing Registration Deadline mdi-fullscreen

Forget organising a five year plan, it seems the loony left up past Hadrian’s Border can’t even organise getting onto the ballot paper. This morning three Communist Party members launched campaigns to become councillors in Glasgow, putting up Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages with posts reading:

“If you think that we need to build communities that are fit for working class people, and the lives that we deserve, vote Communist for Glasgow City Council on May 5”

It looked like the campaign that would surely bring down Britain’s pig-dog capitalist system as we know it was raring to go… until it was pointed out the deadline to register as a candidate was yesterday, and they weren’t on the ballot.

Now the tweets and accounts have all been deleted, though the Daily Record managed to save one of not-to-be candidate Jonnie Hunter’s campaign videos, forever preserving the party’s incompetence. Anyway, true communism will never be achieved via the ballot box, right? 

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