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Another bump in the road for the Chancellor this morning, as the Mirror unravels another string from Rishi’s PR operation.  When asked yesterday Siobhan McDonagh whether he owned a Kia Rio – the car he was seen refuelling for the cameras after the Spring Statement – Rishi replied: “we have a Golf”. Less a half-truth, more a quarter-truth at best…

Alongside his family Golf, which he uses to zip around London and is presumably based at his £7 million Kensington Mews house, Rishi also holds the keys to a top-end Range Rover (£94,000) in North Yorkshire, with a BMW and a Lexus also sitting in the garage of his Santa Monica pad, for when he feels the need for speed. A new Lexus can set you back up to £80,000, while top-of-the-range BMWs can fetch over six figures. Is Rishi really all just torque?

mdi-account-multiple-outline Rishi Sunak
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