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It turns out Nicola Sturgeon isn’t the only devolved leader who doesn’t understand foreign policy. Not to be outdone, Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford has waded in to offer the usual Corbynite lunacy on nuclear deterrence, insisting that now is somehow the perfect time to discuss disarmament. If there’s one person Putin will no doubt listen to, it’s Mark Drakeford…

Speaking at a Welsh Labour Grassroots event at the weekend, Drakeford said:

“If ever there was a moment when the world should again become serious about nuclear disarmament, it is now…”

He then doubled down in a BBC interview:

“I think anybody sensible looking at the world we are in, knowing that President Putin has nuclear weapons in his hands, would want to see a world in which the reduction in nuclear weapons across the world ought to be an effort that any sensible government would wish to pursue.”

Yet during questioning by Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies MS, who asked Mark Drakeford to confirm the Labour Government’s support for NATO, Drakeford said: “the Welsh Government is entirely signed up to the protections that NATO membership provides to us”. So which is it, Mark?

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