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The Attorney General Suella Braverman has come out punching when asked about the meddlesome Good Law Project on the Women with Balls podcast. Asked for the top government law officer’s take on Jolyon’s work, Braverman accuses them of “roundly failing”, rebranding it the “not very Good Law Project”:

“despite some of its PR, despite some of its communications, it’s roundly failing in its raison d’être of successfully challenging the government. In 8 out of 10 cases the government has won, and the Good Law Project has been ordered to pay the government over £300,000 in our costs so far. So I’m not sure ‘Good Law Project’ is the right name for this organisation – you know, it’s the not very good law project, frankly; and they’re not succeeding, they’re not really succeeding in their claims against the government.”

Linking the taxpayer cash-wasting actions of the Good Law Project to the government’s attempts to rein in judicial reviews, Suella adds:

“The Bill that’s currently going through parliament is really important to redress the current imbalance as I see it. We don’t want judicial review to be abused by people who want to play politics through the courts, and for too many years now we have seen that pattern evolving. We saw it during the Brexit years, but we’re seeing it here, I believe; and I think that we have to look at questions of standing.”

This will also save the gullible crowdfunders a fortune…

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