Starmer Backs Down on Call for PM to Resign

Raworth: And as I say, the landscape has changed enormously, just in the space of a few short weeks, until very recently, you were calling for the Prime Minister to resign, do you now withdraw that call for him to resign immediately?

Starmer: I do think there’s a basic question of trust and it does seem a long time ago now we were talking about all of the allegations that Prime Minister faces his course, is still being investigated by the Metropolitan Police. I do think there’s an issue of trust. But I’m very clear, as the Leader of the Opposition Leader of the Labour Party, that when it comes to standing up to Russian aggression, and standing in support of Ukraine, it’s very important in the United Kingdom, and in our politics, that we show the world that we’re united, and therefore, whatever the challenges and frustrations and criticism I have of the prime minister, and I’ve got many on this issue, there is unity, and it’s very important, we demonstrate that unity. There was a fantastic moment in parliament on Wednesday, last week, when the Ukrainian Ambassador came to Parliament, and every single person spontaneously turned to him and clapped. And that was an incredible moment. But it reflected something that’s very real, which is this unity across parliament. So yes, I have my criticism, those challenges are not going to go away. But when it comes to standing up to Russian aggression, we stand as one.

Raworth: Which means you withdraw your call for him to resign immediately?

Starmer: Look at the moment the Prime Minister is obviously concentrating on the job in hand, and we stand united as the United Kingdom on that issue.

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