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Cast your mind back to last summer when rumours were abounding that a certain minister was having a gay affair with his aide – certainly a juicy one if it could be stood up. Part of the gossip involved the minister supposedly booking into one of the government-owned flats in Admiralty House to conduct the affair. The question was asked of the PM’s spokesman at a Lobby briefing. Guido naturally submitted an FoI to find out which members of the government might have checked into the flats during this period, expecting an inconclusive answer. Despite taking a whopping 242 days to answer the question, they do seem to have put this specific aspect of the rumour to bed…

“I am writing to advise you that following a search of our paper and electronic records, I have established that the information you requested is partially held by the Cabinet Office.

Admiralty House is part of the Government estate. There are three residential flats which can be allocated for use. None of the flats have been allocated to any minister for use during the period [since March 2020].”

They do admit non-ministerial officials used the apartments during the period, allowing them to carry out 24 hour government support during the Covid pandemic. Of course, the response doesn’t disprove the existence of said affair, just that no minister was stupid enough to try putting them on the public credit card…

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