Corbyn Points to Salisbury Response as Evidence of Stellar Foreign Policy Track Record

Independent MP Jeremy Corbyn still isn’t withdrawing support of the anti-NATO loons over at the Stop the War coalition. In a new seven minute diatribe released today by his Peace and Justice Project, Corbyn once again insisted the group is right about everything, finally attacking Starmer by name and insisting there is “no evidence” the group is pro-Putin. He also claimed those making “unpopular” claims today are “sometimes seen as the prescient voices of the future. He’s won the argument, even if no one else thinks so…

He does at least provide evidence of his shrewd political judgement: his response to the Salisbury poisoning. Pointing out how he made a few Commons statements on Russian dirty money, he skates over his demands to send the Russians a Novichok sample to conduct “their own tests” and give their opinion on whether the attack was actually their fault. Guido can forgive the old boy a memory lapse…

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