Streeting Accused of Comparing End of Covid Laws to Serial Killing

A Tory MP has accused Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting of comparing the end of Covid regulations to putting a serial killer on the frontbench. Audio picked up by Commons microphones seems to corroborate the claim that, while Boris was answering questions in the House on Monday, Streeting heckled:

“Personal responsibility? What next? Harold Shipman on the frontbench?”

Guido’s tried cleaning up the audio – co-conspirators can make up their own minds. If true it says a lot about current Labour thinking that asking people to take personal responsibility for their own health is comparable to serial killing…

UPDATE: A senior Tory source gets in touch: “If true this is an appalling comparison made by Streeting. He urgently needs to clarify whether or not he made those comments.”

UPDATE II: Streeting has apologised.

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