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If you are a pet owner, you might one day want to take your furry friend with you on a trip abroad. This is not as simple as it may seem, so you should make sure you go through the relevant laws and regulations of the country you want to visit before your departure. In addition, depending on the country you want to visit, you might also need a visa. In the case of a trip to the USA or Canada, the best thing to do is to apply for an ESTA or an eTA, as this is cheaper, faster and much easier than applying for a traditional visa.

Airline companies requirements

If you think that a holiday is not complete without your four-legged friend, you should consider taking it with you. Airlines have, however, strict requirements regarding the transportation of dogs. Pets must have a “pet passport”, a minimum age and a maximum weight (including their travel carrier) in order to be allowed on the flight. In addition, most fighting, or attack-trained dogs are not allowed on board, and some companies will also refuse snub-nosed dogs, as they might have trouble breathing during the flight.

Requirements regarding the import of animals
If you are travelling with your dog, you should also take into account a number of import requirements, which may vary depending on the destination. This can make the procedure quite complicated. Allow enough time for this step, as it can take longer than you might think.
One of the things you will have to prove is that your dog is chipped for identification with an electronic identification system and that it has received all the necessary vaccinations. Some countries may even require a rabies titer test issued by a recognised laboratory. Furthermore, it is also possible that your dog may be subject to medical inspections on arrival, and maybe it may need to spend a number of days in quarantine.
You can find more information about the import requirements per destination here .

Applying for a visa, ESTA or eTA
Apart from the above-mentioned transport and import regulations, you will also have to arrange a number of practical matters before your departure, like arranging a visa. Many countries require a visa, however, for a visit to the USA or Canada an electronic travel authorisation, such as the ESTA USA or eTA Canada, will be enough.

Applying for anĀ  ESTA or an eTA is easier and faster than applying for a visa, and it is much cheaper. The entire process can entirely be done online in just a few minutes, so you do not need to visit the embassy or the consulate. Once you have completed the online application form for the eTA, you will usually receive your travel authorisation within a few minutes.

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