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Starmer’s operation may have rediscovered the New Labour handbook when it comes to policy, yet they’re well off mastering Campbell’s dark arts spinning techniques. A piece in The New Statesman this afternoon has sources from Sir Keir’s office giving away Labour’s game plan of how to deal with the popularity of Rishi Sunak – if, or when, he becomes Tory leader.

Away from the cost of living crisis, Labour think they have a trump card over the Chancellor:

“One figure close to Starmer points to an amusing statistic from the US – that the taller presidential candidate tends to win (a statistic overcome in the UK by Margaret Thatcher). Both Keir Starmer and Boris Johnson are shorter in person than they appear on television, at roughly the same height of 5ft 8in. But the Labour leader is taller than the diminutive Chancellor (5ft 6in). “So bring on little Rishi,” said a senior Labour figure with a grin.”

Who knows what the plan is if Sunak ever buys a pair of Dr. Martens. 

Rishi’s height isn’t the only bazooka in Labour’s smear arsenal, though. Labour figures have “whispered” to the New Stateman that Rishi’s wealth could be “associated with questionable tax practises”:

“While there is no suggestion that Sunak or his wife are involved in tax avoidance, the party hopes that, with the latter’s wealth tied up in so many ventures, the issue will eventually become a political headache.”

A CCHQ source observes not only is Labour now inventing political attacks out of thin air that they hope to be true, it may be the first time a party’s briefed a journalist that they’re going to run a smear campaign with, as of yet, no basis in fact. Guido expects Team Rishi aren’t too worried just yet…

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