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In June last year, Remainer heartthrob Guy Verhofstadt attacked the EU for allowing “the world to burn” while negotiating Brexit:

“We should be defending our shared interests against emboldened autocrats and other challenges, and uniting behind our liberal-democratic ideals.”

“Yet precisely at this time we are divided and distrustful of each other.”

One would presume now Brexit’s done and dusted Guy’s busy enjoying the freedom to focus on things that matter: Russia, constituents’ cost of living, Covid, international trade. You’d be wrong…

Last night, Ben Judah checked in on the Boris-hating MEP and found he’d made three tweets, all about the UK, in the previous 24 hours: an Express cover about Brexit, one about Tory finances and another about Sue Gray’s report.

Judah accurately observes that Guy’s constituents may be rightly miffed to see their representative in Brussels so obsessed with UK affairs and chasing retweets on social media instead of focusing on things relevant to their lives. Guido just hopes for Guy’s mental health that he one day will be able to put his Brexit resentment behind him…

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