DWP Civil Servants to Receive Race Lecture During Work Hours mdi-fullscreen

Liz Truss’s calls for the Civil Service to ditch identity politics and focus on “facts, not fashion” continue to fall on deaf ears over in woke Whitehall. New emails passed to Guido show the DWP’s “National Race Network” recently held an open invite lecture on “White Awareness” by Professor Robert Beckford, with another 90-minute lesson on “Building Black Better” from Lord Dr. Michael Hastings scheduled in the diary for 15th February. All during the working day, obviously.

Beckford – who delivered the important lessons on “White Awareness” at the end of November – has previously charged West Midlands Police £1500 for a similar lecture on “white identity”, and voiced his support for the removal of statues from major places of worship across the UK last year. Admittedly none of this tops the DWP’s previously advertised event of a staff Q&A with a witch…

While all this vital work is going on, Guido can’t help noticing DWP have made a serious error: the email chain also shows the National Race Network are preparing a “BAME into Leadership Spring conference”, despite the racial disparities commission advising the government to scrap the “BAME” label last year because it had become “unhelpful and redundant”. Another victim of cancel culture…

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