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Guido’s coverage of Jolyon’s humiliating defeats in the courts prove to be ever popular with co-conspirators, though the learned fox basher wasn’t prepared to show much contrition. Taking to Twitter after the ruling Maugham claimed it was the “first substantive judgement against us since 2019″. Legalistic use of the operative word “substantive”, which does much to gloss over many of his legal flops in recent years. Jolyon’s often specious, ego-driven fight against the government has been far-from plain sailing in recent months.

Before Christmas, the Good Law Project quietly withdrew their judicial review application regarding the Levelling Up fund, slipping out a statement last week explaining that released government documents undermined claims by a “senior source inside the Cabinet Office” who made allegations of pork-barrel promises being made during the general election:

“The legal advice we have received is that, on the basis of the documents, the Government has disclosed, we have low prospects of success.”

Not only did they withdraw the judicial review application, Jolyon’s project agreed to pay the government’s costs, wasting yet more crowdfunders’ money.

Similarly three days ago, the Good Law Project announced it had dropped a campaign following a pre-action protocol letter sent to Gove in November alleging the government had been threatening to punish MPs supporting Owen Paterson’s suspension – plus ça change. The project correctly notes:

“It is impossible to make refunds via CrowdJustice.”

They will instead re-allocate the money to another campaign. This is also ignoring Jolyon’s proclaimed court victories, which in reality scrape through on technicalities while judges note their substance to be lacking. All the while wasting the courts’ time, and taxpayers’ money…

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