Corbyn’s Government “Brutality” Hypocrisy

Two days ago, in a widely-missed clip, Jeremy Corbyn gave an interview in which he accused the government’s Borders Bill of being “brutal” and “unnecessary”. These accusations are no different to those levelled by his fellow left-wing MPs, however Corbyn managed to uniquely undermine his intervention – by making the comments to Iranian state-owned broadcaster Press TV…

It takes a special type of leftist to not spot the irony in telling an Iranian state news channel that your country’s government is being brutal. As one Tory source puts it:

“The Hon Member for Tehran’s view that France is so oppressive and poverty stricken that we must take in anyone fleeing Macron’s reign of terror is obviously absurd, but you couldn’t fit a cigarette paper between his views on this and Starmer’s.

They both want to take in unlimited numbers of asylum seekers, skip them to the front of the queue for work permits ahead of those trying to come here legally and then put them up in houses so they don’t have to suffer the ignominy of staying in four star hotels.

You’d think the ayatollahs would disapprove of him encouraging Iranians to flee to Britain”

In 2018 an irate Corbyn refused to say whether he regretted doing paid work by Press TV – looks like we now have our answer…

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