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Four months ago the Tories had a double digit lead over Labour, now they are 8 points behind. Labour has not suddenly become popular, self-inflicted wounds are hurting the Tories; tax hikes for working people, trying to get Owen Paterson off the hook, pretending partying during lockdown isn’t partying and the general incoherence of a government with a large majority. The calls for Boris to “get a grip” and give the government a sense of serious purpose are almost universal. Boris has lost his supporters in the media; The Sun, Telegraph, Spectator and ourselves want focus and a competent administration with recognisably sound policies. The parliamentary Tory party is finally united – in utter dismay with Downing Street. True blue supporters are livid and, more importantly, the voters are repulsed. They are now telling pollsters that a Starmer-led Labour Party would be the least worst choice…

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