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The Covid-19 pandemic caused huge amounts of damage in the UK and around the world, with millions having died and even more having been left affected in one way or another. Although different countries have been dealing with each wave of infections differently, with some opting for lockdowns and others for different measures, it is undeniable that the pandemic has changed the behaviours of people throughout the world.

Much of what we did without thinking in years pre-2020 and in the days before Covid was even a word we all came to know; things like going for a drink with friends, how we look after ourselves and even how we relax and sleep have all changed.

According to Jessica Roberts of Cuddledown:

“It has been so much more than what we do during the day and from where we work. Fundamentally, Covid changed how we rest, relax and sleep. More people than ever need a better night’s sleep, with anxiety levels through the roof. Whether you make a more premium investment like a Hungarian goose down duvet or even just something simple like not using electronic devices before going to bed, your sleep is recharges and replenishes you and is more important than ever.”

Sefton Jameson of Wuffes commented:

“People forget that our behaviour is influenced by what goes on around us and that behaviour in turn, influences those around us. Even our pets feed off increased levels of anxiety of their owners and those around them, so think about how you manage that with your pets. For example, there are various multivitamins for dogs which can help counter the negative health effects of stress on your pets. Think about how to care for those around you; it is more important than ever.”

The impacts of changes in people’s behaviour have also gone further than how we rest and engage with those nearest and dearest. People’s behaviour, even for some of the most common beauty treatments has also changed over the course of the last two years.

The team at Pulse Light Clinic said of these changes in behaviour:

“Post lockdown many people are now looking for long term solutions for every day struggles especially if they have a busy lifestyle. Laser hair removal has seen an increase in demand as people are now seeking for solution to their hair removal that provides them with benefits compared to shaving, waxing or other at home methods. Laser hair removal can give up to 80% hair reduction after a course of treatments which no other method can provide. Shaving often leaves the skin irritated and hairs growing back the day after. Laser hair removal is an investment as you will not only be saving your time long term but you will also be saving money and the environment from plastic razors.”

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