East Midlands Labour’s “Exciting” Job Advert… with No Pay mdi-fullscreen

East Midlands Labour are on the hunt for a new office administrator, promising an “exciting” opportunity to be “a part of a team which will help deliver the next Labour government“, and with a list of important duties befitting of a full-time position. A great job for any would-be politico – so long as they’re happy to work for nothing. The role is entirely unpaid.

Even so, candidates are still expected to submit a full application form and demonstrate previous work experience within a campaign. The lucky winning candidate can also expect to be assigned “other appropriate volunteer activities” as and when the Regional Director, Richard Oliver, thinks of them. There’s no indication the wages will increase alongside those responsibilities. This is also the same Richard Oliver who used to work as the GMB’s Political Officer, campaigning to ‘defend the rights of workers’…

The reactions from angry party members is about what any reasonable person would expect. One asked why he would “answer [his] own emails that have not been responded to in weeks” for free. Another, quite rightly, noted that the party should “pay people for their work, end of story”. Given Labour has just produced a new Employment Rights Green Paper, you’d think they of all people would know that…

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