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Some Boris-esque boosterism from Nadim Zahawi on LBC last night, as he predicted the UK will probably be the first major economy to exit the pandemic thanks to the vaccine rollout.

“We will probably, I hope without being complacent, be the first major economy in the world to demonstrate how you transition this virus from pandemic to endemic using vaccines”

Amid European countries re-entering lockdown after post-unlocking surges, it increasingly seems like the decision by the UK government to fully unlock at the start of the Summer may have been Boris’s second great decision of the pandemic, the first being to hire Kate Bingham and throw everything into the vaccine rollout itself.

Austria has become the first Western country to re-enter lockdown, with Germany and the Netherlands also heading for tighter restrictions. Germany is now on the brink of joining those European countries that have overtaken the UK’s death rate, with no sign of slowing. Their health minister has now said “most of country will be ‘vaccinated, cured or dead’ by end of winter”. Guido remembers when the left lost their mind over Boris saying “‘many more families are going to lose loved ones”…

As Chris Snowdon points out in The Telegraph today, the decision to abandon restrictions at the start of the summer was described by The Lancet as a “dangerous and unethical experiment. Only a few weeks ago the nappy wetting statists were demanding Boris slam the brakes on and launch ‘Plan B’. It’s now becoming obvious that going ahead with freedom day on July 19th made winter lockdown less likely.

One reason for Britain’s current Covid calm can be seen in our rate of booster doses, something the government was also being inexplicably criticised over recently. We’re now soaring ahead:

For some reason the media seem to have got bored now Britain’s leading on all these metrics. Guido hopes the good news cheers co-conspirators up this afternoon…

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