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Despite threatening to run targeted attack ads against the Tory MPs who opposed Starmer’s lobbying motion this week, Facebook say Labour hasn’t registered any new advertising campaigns since last Friday. Rather than coughing up the cash, it looks like they’ve once again opted for the more thrifty option: briefing the media with plans for a ‘massive ad campaign’, then sitting back and waiting for them to cover it without actually following through. When your party’s almost bankrupt, watching the pennies saves the pounds…

A quick look on the Facebook Ad Library reveals that Labour currently have two active posts on their national profile, neither of which relates to the ‘second jobs’ campaign leaked to the Mirror‘s Rachel Wearmouth yesterday, and as briefed in the Independent last night They spent less than £100 last week on an ad attacking cronyism.. A Labour spokesman even told the Independent “we will be making that a campaign issue straight away after the vote today”, yet the ads are nowhere to be found, including within the MPs’ constituencies…

This isn’t the first time Labour have done this: on 3rd November, Wearmouth shared another set of ads she “expect[ed] will be on social media everywhere” soon. They weren’t.

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