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Yesterday The Sun published word from the Westminster rumour mill that Labour frontbencher Cat Smith has done what political strategists have been predicting the party would have to do for years – get into bed with the SNP. She’s now dating SNP MP David Linden, with the two splashing their growing friendship on InstagramThe paper reports they bonded over the challenges of having small children and being MPs.

Things aren’t all happy families, however. While Linden separated from his spouse last year, Cat Smith revealed she was still in the process of divorcing hers in October last year – despite having already begun her new cross-party relationship. 13 months on, it seems that process is far from complete. 

Following the news of Cat and David’s relationship coming to light, Guido was sent a Facebook status from Cat’s (still) husband. Last night he told friends that while he has “tried for many months to prevent the breakup of our family – and the ending of a relationship which first began 16 years ago” his high-flying Labour partner has refused “all attempts to discuss any alternative”. Ben Soffa – Labour’s head of digital – continues:

“I have tried for a year to avoid reaching this point, but with Cat planning to continue with the relationship she formed in Westminster whilst I remained in Lancaster caring for our son, we will soon be divorcing.


I have poured so much of my energies into the advancement of her career. I have reshaped my life around her needs and given so much of my time, effort and money to support her. Rather than pursuing my own interests I spent almost every weekend and much time besides supporting her campaigning, writing the materials that would be presented as her work and forgoing many opportunities of my own own so l could be there to support her professionally or facilitate our home life. Having re-shaped my life in this way, it makes it all the more hurtful to have been so rapidly discarded as apparently disposable.”

Guido can hear the Eastenders drums kicking in…

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