Burley and Javid Clash Over NHS Vaccine Mandate

Javid came out swinging today in defence of his decision to mandate Covid vaccinations for NHS staff. Appearing on Sky News this morning, Javid took Kay Burley head on over her claim that “a 37% chance”¬†of serious illness from Covid is “still pretty high“:

“Well what would you like, Kay? Would you like a hundred percent chance? … You say it’s quite high, but I tell you what, 80 and 90% chance is a lot higher. And I think your viewers will understand […] that this is about minimising the risk…I’ve lost loved ones to this, lots of people have listening to this programme. And I think what they would expect, that if you are in a vulnerable situation, if you are in a hospital bed, you’re in a care home, you’re in your home receiving domiciliary care, [you] don’t want to know that that care worker is…going around every house and infecting ten other people.”

When Burley finally managed to butt in, Saj added “I’m only doing what you normally do”…

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