Boris Called to Stand Up for Vaping at COP 9 mdi-fullscreen

If you’re already bored of COP26 and Greta’s “blah, blah, blah” then today COP9 commences, nothing to do with the environment, this one’s all to do with tobacco.

With journalists and campaigners locked out of the meetings, campaigners have taken to projecting Boris vaping on the side of Parliament, calling on him to stand up for vaping at COP9. With some countries banning the reduced risk product and receiving nothing but praise from the World Health Organisation, despite the continued sale of cigarettes, vapers are a little worried.

Mark Oates, Director of We Vape a consumer advocacy group who is running the #BackVapingSaveLives Campaign has said:

“Britain hasn’t left the EU just to then be told by another supranational organisation how to run our country. Britain has taken a pragmatic harm reduction approach to smoking and this has led to millions of people now vaping instead. Boris & Sajid should be telling other countries to follow our lead, not allowing them to tell us what rules to create here.”

COP9 comes two weeks after Health Secretary Sajid Javid’s proposals to make vaping products available on the NHS. The move is designed to help achieve England’s smoke free target of 2030.

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