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As if on cue, the Communication Workers Union (CWU) has voted to suspend donations to the national Labour Party other than the minimal affiliation fees – instead vowing only to cough up for Labour candidates who promise to “support CWU industrial and political aims“. Funny, that sounds a lot like paid lobbying

The motion passed last night at a special conference with 94% support, and represents the third union to either disaffiliate from the party or restrict its funding after the Bakers’ Union (BFAWU) and Unite. Yet another union paymaster tightening its purse strings on a nearly bankrupt party…

Speaking after the vote, CWU General Secretary Dave Ward said:

“The decision taken by conference today allows the CWU to focus its political attention on building our movement out in communities. The current Labour leadership is failing to connect with working-class communities and that was made clear by the scores of our members who spoke passionately in the debate today. In focusing our political resources on those in Labour who are really up for delivering for our members we are looking beyond the factional war being waged by an out-of-touch Westminster politics.”

It’s worth bearing all this in mind when Labour MPs grandstand about lobbying later this afternoon. While they may act with faux outrage, the reality is many of their pockets are lined with union cash. Rayner took in £35,000 from CWU and USDAW for her deputy leadership campaign. Leadbeater gladly accepted £10,000 from GMB for the Batley & Spen by-election. The quid pro quo is explicit: you get the money if you further our interests ahead of the public interest…

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