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This morning Ed Miliband toured the broadcast studios, joining the Daily Mirror in blasting Boris over his massively-delayed and overdue holiday. His argument? That beloved Gordon Brown wouldn’t have dared take a holiday amid a national or international crisis.

“Imagine Gordon Brown before the 2009 financial crisis summit touring the beaches. He wouldn’t have been touring the beaches, he would have been touring the world.”

Unfortunately for Miliband, Guido remembers Gordon Brown did take a holiday in the middle of 2009. As The Express reported, a “tired” Brown buggered off for a whole month in July 2009, escaping “swine flu fears and economic chaos”. As well as going away for a whole month amid a global financial crisis, Brown didn’t even properly appoint a deputy, allowing Mandelson, Straw and Harman to jockey for the position. Unsurprisingly the Mirror didn’t seem to object much to it, lovingly writing up that his boat ride showed him to be “capable of staying afloat”…

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