£15 Per Hour Minimum Wage Campaigner Andy McDonald Pays Own Staff £13.55* mdi-fullscreen

The former Shadow Transport secretary Andy McDonald, who resigned from Keir Starmer’s shadow cabinet over the £15 minimum wage row, doesn’t even pay his own staffers £15 per hour. Shock!

Guido dug through the archives and found that between 2020-2021, McDonald paid five staff members a total of £140,880.12, an average of some £28,176.02 each, which works out at £13.55 per hour. If the £140,880.12 was not evenly split, some unfortunate staffer may have been paid even less…

Andy McDonald might have been the toast of the left at Labour’s conference. The fact is he, like the other hypocrites at Momentum and the Bakers Union, has a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do style of politics…

*A co-conspirator in the comments below points out that the gross cost of the salaries will include employers N.I. so the actual net hourly rate to the employee will be lower than £13.55.

UPDATE:  Another co-conspirator has done some further calculations:

Assuming an employer’s contribution of 3% kicking in on annual earnings above £6240 and employer’s NICs of 13.8% kicking in at the secondary threshold of £8788, the annual salary, s, would be given by: 

Which gives an hourly rate of £12.69.
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