Corbyn Delivers Advice on Election Winning at Conference Fringe

Corbyn was welcomed to a Labour conference fringe this afternoon with one of the most half-hearted “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn!” chants Guido’s ever heard. Clearly the conference hangovers have set in…

Among the absolute boy’s contributions included Jeremy’s advice on how to win an election, which will no doubt be lapped up by the Labour leadership. Asked whether Sir Keir can win the 2024 election Corbyn told members:

“Let’s concentrate on what this government is doing, and concentrate on policies that bring about transformation of our society. If as a movement we go into an election accepting the economic orthodoxy which has led to these grotesque levels of inequality in our society then where is the mobilisation? Where is the motivation? Where is the hope?”

Talking of the next election Paul Waugh asked Jeremy whether he’d stand as an independent if he still doesn’t have the Labour whip come 2024, though he refused to get into hypotheticals:

When asked whether he’d coordinated his attack-piece in The i to coincide with Andy McDonald’s resignation, Corbyn denied any planned kamikaze mission:

“We had a series of private conversations as friends […] If it had been some Machiavellian plot… it would’ve leaked ages go.”

Guido’s not sure LOTO will accept Corbyn’s assurances…

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