Is the NHS Safe in Starmer’s Hands? mdi-fullscreen

While Starmer’s essay is composed almost entirely of political platitudes and clichés, LOTO did accidentally let one sentence slip through the net that’s got some talking:

“We would do things differently. In order to put contribution and community at the centre of our efforts, we would build an effective partnership of state and private sector to prioritise the things that we have seen really matter: health, living conditions, working conditions and the environment.”

Some left-wingers are reading the above mission statement as intent to continue allowing private sector involvement in the NHS. One left-wing social media user opined, And here is Sir Keir Starmer talking about using the private sector in health – no wonder the Tories are pushing through the NHS Bill.” Another points out “he hasn’t even said he’ll drop private companies from taking over the NHS”. Low tax? Pro-private sector health involvement? Maybe Labour is becoming the right-of-centre alternative Tory members have been asking for…

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