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CasinoAlpha changes the way the gambling industry should be through strictness. A well-implemented casino review system equals how online casinos must change to keep with the CasinoAlpha high standards. All for the well-being of UK players who deserve to make more confident financial decisions.

How does the actual gambling industry look?

We’ve analysed statistics, casino operators, and the online GGYC (Gross Gambling Yield) to better comprehend this domain’s reality. To better understand what CasinoAlpha can do to improve the gambling industry, users must be aware of how the actual industry looks.
Based on the research made, it has been discovered that the online gambling sector has come to dominate the GGY (Gross Gambling Yield), now being 39.9% of the overall market, including land-based casino activities. The online industry has increased by as much as 8.1% in recent years, generating £3.2bn in GGY.
This only denotes how much it has improved. However, even though the change is significant and thousands of casino operators are being launched constantly, quality control can be easily overlooked.

What does the iGaming industry lack?

  • Lack of transparency
  • Clear casino comparison with the gambling industry
  • Not fully licensed online casinos
  • Explanations through examples on how the bonuses work
  • Explanations through examples on how the casino operators work
  • Lacks awareness on gambling addiction and underage gambling

Who is CasinoAlpha?

A casino database website that comes into United Kingdom players help with educational content to allow them to make informed and confident decisions.
The team behind this project is made of people from various backgrounds and academic studies who use their knowledge accumulated in this sector to correct the errors of the industry. It is advisable to stay up-to-date with CasinoAlpha’s mission, as they will not stop until their mission is completed.
The CasinoAlpha objectivity and analytical approach to gambling remain unaltered no matter their financial partnership with casino operators. A change for the better needs to be made, which is what this casino database site strives for.

How CasinoAlpha improves the online gambling industry?

  • Lack of transparency

Lack of transparency defined

Users do not receive the complete information necessary to engage in gambling activities safely. Requirements are not clearly and effectively transmitted to avoid issues and problems that can negatively influence the gambling experience.
This aspect is the most encountered one in the iGaming domain.

Casino terms and conditions not fully explained

CasinoAlpha transmits only accurate data based on real-life experience. Therefore, each casino page is analysed. The information is processed to ensure that users can clearly understand each aspect mentioned on that specific page.
The casino reviews created by CasinoAlpha will contain the conditions which are not clearly communicated, along with their true meaning and examples. In addition to this, if those specific terms do not comply with the strict gambling legislation imposed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, it will be evidently presented.

Certain conditions that can negatively impact the gambling session

  1. Opening multiple accounts on the casino operator;
  2. Not depositing the minimum required amount;
  3. Using a payment method for a deposit which is not available for the bonus;
  4. A player is found to have play patterns banned by the operator;
  5. Engaging in fraudulent activities such as money laundering, forgery, using false information;
  6. Using VPN software to hide the actual user location;
  7. Use inappropriate language.
If not met, these conditions can result with:
  1. Casino operators cancel the promotions;
  2. Casino operators not paying the winnings generated;
  3. Casino operators closing accounts.

All of these conditions must be mentioned and explained by the online casino. CasinoAlpha ensures that imposed requirements are reasonable and are standard in the gambling industry.
In addition to this, CasinoAlpha strives to keep players informed and away from such situations through comprehensive guides. Knowing beforehand all the necessary conditions can help users navigate more accessible in the gambling market and make confident decisions.

  • Clear casino comparison with the gambling industry

At CasinoAlpha, users will find casino reviews, comparisons between casinos, and casino versus market standards.
To make a substantial difference in this field, CasinoAlpha adds value by offering a clear image of how the actual gambling market works.

Why are industry market comparisons essential?

Because otherwise, players will not understand that there can have a better online gambling experience.
For example:
One might not understand that a wagering requirement of 100x the bonus amount is an unreasonable condition if they do not know that the average wagering is between 30-40x.

  • Not fully licensed online casinos

In the United Kingdom, the UK Gambling Commission is the regulatory body that oversees gambling activities and licence, regulate, and provide guidance for online casino operators.
At CasinoAlpha, only UKGC licensed gambling platforms are presented. Operators must undergo a strict review system and comply with the CasinoAlpha requirements to be listed on the site.
Simply having a UKGC licence is not proof enough to be a partner of this casino review site. The team of experts behind CasinoAlpha make research to verify if the licence is valid and clearly presented on the United Kingdom Gambling Commission official site. If it is proved to be otherwise, the collaboration between CasinoAlpha and the casino operator will cease.

Why is the UKGC licence essential?

Simply put, a gambling site with such a licence is safe to play at. It ensures players that:

  1. There is security when it comes to the personal data provided;
  2. Funds are protected in case the insolvency process starts;
  3. It has control features to play responsible and protect children from underage gambling;
  4. Have the possibility to customise ads.
  • Explanations through examples on how the bonuses work

CasinoAlpha does not simply list bonuses. Each promotion presented on the site comes with a bonus review regarding how to claim that specific offer, what requirements need special attention, and so on.
In addition to this, the team of experts offers fictive examples on how bonuses work, how the wagering condition works, and more, so that customers understand them better.

  • Explanations through examples on how the casino operators work

UK players might not be aware that there are 3 main types of online casinos in the industry. CasinoAlpha will shed light on this matter and clearly explain how they work.
CasinoAlpha strives to be transparent with its users, create and maintain a relationship based on trust. Therefore, they will be straightforward and disclose the methods casinos use to attract new customers.

  • Lacks awareness on gambling addiction and underage gambling

Over 400.000 UK players are gambling addicts, and a further 2 million are at risk. Children as well are at risk of developing such a problem from an early age.
The reality is harsh, but CasinoAlpha raises awareness regarding this problem through educational guides.
What CasinoAlpha does to make a change in this domain is by offering guidance on:

  • How to play within the safe limits;
  • How to recognise the signs of gambling addiction;
  • Where to reach out when the problem is out of one’s control;
  • How to use the responsible tools each casino operator must-have.
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