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While yesterday may not have been great for Dominic Raab, at least he can take solace in the fact he had a better reshuffle than Robert Peston. ITV’s senile senior political reporter spent all day tweeting every thought process, speculation and briefing with the acumen and insight of a first-year politics student. Some of the highlights included:

  • Assuming Dowden would be new education secretary. He became party chair.
  • Speculating Mark Spencer would be DEFRA secretary. This isn’t just any cock up…
  • Implying Priti Patel was going to get the sack.
  • Claiming Dowden “may be the last member of the cabinet who campaigned against Brexit”. Apart from Sajid, Truss, Shapps, Spencer, Sharma, Wallace and Brandon Lewis…

Early yesterday afternoon, Peston’s show account asked ordinary Twitter punters for their reshuffle predictions, the replies to which proved only slightly less accurate than Robert’s own dribbling…

Peston’s incessant tweeting hasn’t been limited to the reshuffle, however. Co-conspirators will no doubt remember the time he admitted confusion over the concept of mirrors:

Or the time he couldn’t be bothered to call a press office, so just admitted to scientific illiteracy:

Or the time he said DUP sectarianism would “drive unaligned voters to Sinn Fein”:

Or the time he caused outrage by saying we were “paying teachers for not very much teaching”

These are just the tip of the Twitter iceberg, into which ITV’s reputation crashes on an almost daily basis.

2012 Peston Twitter was more on the money…

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