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Lord Frost has announced the government’s plans to finally capitalise on the freedoms of Brexit and remove the “special status” of all individual EU laws still on the UK’s statute books. There are also plans to invest heavily artificial intelligence, transport, and farming over the Parliament. Now if we just pair deregulation with lower taxes we may actually get somewhere…

Speaking on the reforms this afternoon, Lord Frost said:

“From rules on data storage to the ability of businesses to develop new green technologies, overbearing regulations were often conceived and agreed in Brussels with little consideration of the UK national interest.

“We now have the opportunity to do things differently and ensure that Brexit freedoms are used to help businesses and citizens get on and succeed.”

Lord Frost will begin with a review of so-called “retained EU law” – the huge amount of EU legislation still on the UK’s statute books; removing its special status so it’s no longer a distinct category of UK domestic law, and ensuring all courts have the full ability to depart from EU case law. He describes it as finalising the process of “restoring this sovereign Parliament”. There’s a reason he’s popular with the Tory membership…

Further details of the reforms can be read below:

Modernising our economy:

  • Introducing digital driving licenses, test certificates and MOT processes to streamline the process for motorists.
    Creating digital certificates for millions of shareholdings to replace their paper counterparts, making life easier for people who own and trade shares.
  • Legislating to put electronic trade documents on the same legal footing as paper documents, removing the need for wasteful paperwork and needless bureaucracy.

Supporting research and development:

  • Overhauling our clinical trial frameworks to improve trial set up and patient recruitment, giving a major boost to the UK’s world-class R&D sector and getting patients access to new lifesaving medicines more quickly.
  • Reforming medical devices regulations to foster the development of new and emerging devices, harnessing cutting edge technology, software and AI. This will ensure access to the world’s most innovative technologies for NHS patients while maintaining quality and safety.

Reducing bureaucratic interference:

  • Permitting the voluntary printing of the Crown Stamp on pint glasses and reviewing the EU ban on markings and sales in imperial units and legislating in due course, none of which were possible within the EU.
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