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It seems Sir Keir’s been so busy writing his 14,000 crēdō he forgot to use the weekend to come up with an answer to ongoing press questions about Labour’s alternative social care plan. Today listeners had the pleasure of hearing Angela Rayner squirm three times when faced with the question, diverting to the old classic, “There is [sic] a lot of ways you can do”. Guido counted eight total attempts by Martha Kearney to elicit details of Labour’s policy…

Rayner: People are actually ending up in hospital and it costs more money to put people in hospital

Martha: Indeed that’s why everyone’s agreed the system need reforming 

Rayner: But we did do that, when Labour was in government we did all of those things and we brought waiting lists down as well to an all time low…

Martha: I understand your analysis of the problems but I’m interested in your solutions! And so the government’s planning on bringing in this new levy from national insurance, would you reverse it?

Rayner: Well we’ve been clear that the government shouldn’t be breaking their manifesto promises by hitting working families with a double-whammy of the national insurance hikes…

Martha: So you’d reverse it?

Rayner: So, we would have to look at that once we were in a position of putting our manifesto forward at a general election

What a start to the week for Labour…

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