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When Kim Leadbeater won the Batley & Spen by-election back in July, George Galloway insisted he wouldn’t go quietly into the night. Having taken in over 22% of the vote share, the Workers Party of Britain promised to contest the result in the courts, claiming “it ain’t over till it’s over”, and warning that they “may be back in August doing this all over again”. It’s now the last day of August, and Galloway still isn’t wandering around the Commons…

Galloway has missed the initial 21-day deadline to challenge the result through the Election Petitions Office, although exceptions can be made provided there is evidence of “corrupt or illegal practices“, including bribery. A spokesperson tells Guido:

“We’ve been busy working our way through Labour’s expenditure return. The notion that the Tories spent more than Labour in this by-election will seem ludicrous to anybody who was in Batley at the time. There are a number of irregularities which we are working through with counsel, and will be able to provide a fuller update in due course.”

Unfortunately for Galloway he can no longer turn his attention to the possibility of a Polar & Limehouse by-election any time soon …

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