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The Countryside Alliance isn’t happy after Wales’ Minister for Climate Change, Julie James, suggested people should only consume meat on “high days and holidays”. Not the first time a lefty administration has tried attacking our meat-eating freedoms…

“Personally I’m a lifelong vegetarian but there is nothing wrong with eating meat but we just have to be eating it as a high days and holidays type of thing.”

The Alliance has hit back suggesting Ms James “reflect on her comments” and “on the implications” it could have for Welsh livestock farmers:

“Livestock farmers already face daily challenges and we would ask that the Minister reflects on the implications of these regrettable comments and how they are likely to be negatively perceived by our hard working farming community, who do so much to protect and preserve our beautiful countryside.”

The Welsh Conservative’s Shadow Minister said James’s comments “show a complete lack of understanding of the importance of meat as part of a balanced diet and how it underpins our agricultural and rural economy.” It seems mad cow disease has passed to humans…

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