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Lunatic Socialist Workers Party front group organisation Stop the War has unironically urged Britain to pay reparations to the Taliban in order to advance “the rights of the Afghan people”. Current patrons of the group include Diane Abbott, George Galloway, Tariq Ali and recently expelled from the Labour Party, Ken Loach. A statement posted on the Stop the War website pressed the British government to:

“… take a lead in offering a refugee programme and reparations to rebuild Afghanistan, an act which would go a great deal further in advancing the rights of the Afghan people, women in particular, than continued military or economic intervention in the fate of the Afghanistan.”

Stop the War is yet to explain how offering money to the Taliban regime, which is infamous for (amongst other things) denying women the right to an education, stoning ‘criminals’ to death, and throwing gay people from tall buildings, will in any way advance the rights of “Afghan people”. “Stop the War” invariably take the side of those waging war on the West…

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