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Reform Party leader Richard Tice is unhappy, because the party’s bankers are withdrawing their account facilities. The party’s current bankers, Metro Bank, have told him they will no longer accept his business. This is after all the other High Street banks turned them away as well. Laurence Fox also had problems getting a bank account despite having only one donor. Tice held a press conference this morning saying ā€œIā€™m going to write to the Governor of the Bank Of England to ask the bank itself for clearing bank facilities.ā€ The Old Lady is usually the lender of last resort ā€“ not the banker of last resort…

Banks are wary of political accounts because they now have to report “PEPs”: politically exposed persons. This was meant to keep an eye on African and Russian kleptocrats, not small British political parties. Unless they believe that Russian codswallop*…

*Where’s Carole Cadwalladr’s evidence? The wheels of justice are turning very slowly.

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