Supermarkets’ Bumper Brexit Bonuses for British Truck Drivers mdi-fullscreen

Aldi is the latest supermarket to offer their British truck drivers a huge Brexit bonus – boosting them upto £18.41 an hour. The move comes after the supply dried up-post Brexit. What was that about free movement of people not suppressing wages?

HGV drivers who were earning £350 per week in January are now reportedly on course to take home up to £800. Tesco has started offering drivers a £1,000 bonus fee if they join the firm before 30 September and Morrisons is developing schemes to train staff to become drivers. While the total number of drivers remains an issue, Guido can’t imagine domestic recruitment would remain an issue given these new bumper salaries. Naturally the Road Haulage Association has told the Times only the government can solve any remaining bumps in the road…

NB:  A previous version of this article mistakenly suggested lorry drivers were being offered £800 per day rather than per week.

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