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Now we have passed the 14 day point after July 19 we can review if Freedom Day has been the disaster that so many media-amplified experts warned us about. Predicting the future is a sport best reserved for the bookies, though the Covid data continues to disprove yet more prophesies of doom and gloom from these so-called experts. Two weeks ago, 1,200 “international experts” came out with the prediction that Boris’s plan to end lockdown in July was a “threat to the world”. And the left still think Gove must regret his anti-experts moment during the referendum…

Among those ringing the alarm bell included government advisors in New Zealand, Israel and Italy, along with 1,200 signatories to a letter in The Lancet. The piece – pompously entitled “The Declaration” – claimed that Freedom Day was “dangerous and premature”, and cited the 100,000 cases a day figure.

“We believe the government is embarking on a dangerous and unethical experiment, and we call on it to pause plans to abandon mitigations on July 19, 2021.”

They must have been really sure to make such a bombastic statement…

And who was behind this letter? None other than Carole Cadwalladr. A week after it was published she took to Substack to boast about the effort:

“For weeks, they were seen as fringe voices. At the Citizens we have done everything we can to amplify them. This week, we finally succeeded. It’s just far, far too late.”

Carole’s The Citizens group then went on to host an “emergency summit”, broadcast three days before freedom day. Again she was delighted at the raft of international ‘experts’ lining up to slam the government’s strategy. She described the epidemiological circle-jerk as “an intervention: Britain is the reckless addict endangering not only its own health but that of the world”

“This summit was the equivalent of friends and family coming together to tell us that we can’t run away from this virus. That our denial is only making it worse. That this is “murderous”, “diabolical”, “reckless”.”

As she accurately observed, the press – i, Guardian, Independent and FT – lapped it up…

Yesterday’s Covid stats saw yet another fall, now down to below 22,000 – a 12% drop on last Monday.

Guido can’t remember a time 1,200 so-called experts were proven so wrong in one fell swoop…

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