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In 2017 the NHS hit £100 million worth of spending on translators for 128 languages in just five years; it now appears the health monolith is altogether less committed to proper English. Commenters on the NHS website are now being chastised for over-using capital letters. Presumably they’re shortly to rebrand as ‘the nhs’…

One co-conspirator was recently blocked from reviewing a hospital as, according to the NHS moderators:

“it contains capitalised words. On the internet this can be regarded as “shouting” and many people are offended by it. Please resubmit your review, and avoid over-using capital letters.”

This absurd moderating rule is reiterated in the NHS’ “Relevance, civility and decency” of their site rules. Hopefully they will rethink this nannying rule just as quickly as it took them to take down their woke ‘alphabet’

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