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The LibDem Sheffield Hallam branch hasn’t had a great time over the last decade: from having Nick Clegg as their candidate in 2015; to having Nick Clegg lose as their candidate in 2017 to Jared O’Mara of all people; to losing again to Labour in 2019 despite O’Mara’s legacy. It now seems their current candidate, Laura Gordon, is playing more out of the Jared ‘insensitivity’ playbook than they may have hoped.

In the local campaigning WhatsApp group, Laura Gordon was furious to discover their campaigning session had been cancelled last minute due to Eid. Laura spat back “If you couldn’t come why suggest it? I’d rearranged plans so I could come!”

It was explained to Clegg’s successor that Eid is “based on moon sightings” and while it had been predicted it would fall on Thursday, it had been “split this time. I hope you understand”. Laura did not understand…

It was at this point fellow LibDems piled in to call out Laura’s insensitivity. Tariq reiterated that “Eid is never just as simple a set date. I think we need to be mindful that some members are celebrating Eid”, apologising for anyone in the group who’d been offended by Laura’s outburst. Another suggested Laura could do with some religious sensitivity training:

Laura eventually apologised for “if it came across as not thinking people should be celebrating”, though in general “if you make plans with someone it is polite to let them know as soon as possible if you can’t make it”. She has since reiterated her apology to Guido for “any offence caused” and says she “will be more than happy to keep learning about” Eid…

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