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It is crucial for you to not lose your money when you gamble. Avoiding gambling addiction is just as important as protecting your finances.

Thus, your dedicated gambling funds should be in your top priorities. For that, you need to employ many skills and have a solid plan.

Here’s where the KingCasinoBonus pro-guidance comes to you with 6 tips!

Convincing evidence that these tips are useful

There aren’t many things more important than health and wealth. Gambling can become harmful to both, if not done correctly.

Since we know that even veteran players might get stuck, we try to solve the struggles of amateur gamblers here.

Players who want to play safe and be money-smart can guide themselves by these principles.

Even highly distinguished authorities like the United Kingdom Gambling Commission give your funds a superior status. They sustain them with educational campaigns and imposing requirements on gambling operators.

For example, casino operators are required to allow you to set financial limits. If you see a casino without this option, it’s best to avoid it. Also follow these 6 points.

  1. Never gamble under the influence

This is very serious! Don’t ever do the following:

  • Gamble while inebriated;
  • Gamble while high;
  • Gamble while you’re in a depressive mood.

In fact, states that problem gambling is when it becomes disruptive of your life, not when you totally lose control of it. Thus, if you feel the need to gamble when you’re mind is not completely clear, it is time to step away.

  1. Set a fixed gambling budget

This is the step that will prevent you from making unnecessary payments. How should you calculate it?

After you are done with monthly expenses and savings, you can set aside a sum you are comfortable playing with, knowing you might either lose it or increase it.

Even if you have been on a lucky streak, do not spend more than what you originally planned. In case you lose, do not try to recuperate the losses and prolong your session.

This way, you keep your finances balanced and avoid the slippery path to gambling addiction.

Reminders: Gambling should be done only for fun, and nothing else!

  1. Adapt your strategy according to the game type

To minimize your losses, and manage your money well, your strategies need to be versatile. Each game type requires you to proceed differently.

Classic and video slots

When you spin the reels, the most important aspects are the RTP percentage and the existence of progressive bets.

RTP can help you project your approximate cash return, over a long period of time. You can usually find this info in the game’s feature tab or on the provider’s website.

Progressives allow you to increase your bets and, by consequence, your potential jackpot. Some games are tied to a network, meaning that the pot will increase from players on multiple platforms.


What matters at the Roulette table is where you place your chips, on the outside or the inside.

The outside positions on the table, meaning the ones closer to the punter’s POV give you a higher chance of winning, but with lower margins. Conversely, the inside positions, the ones closer to the dealer’s side, have lower chances of wins but have increased betting margins.

To pick a bet type fit for you, you can try out demo versions and do practice rounds.


One of the easiest ways to make long-term savings on poker is to fold more often. If the open cards on the table do not combine with your hand in a satisfactory way, fold.


In Blackjack, your high valued hands are worthwhile. Thus, if you have a 17 to 21 combination, stand on the next card, no matter the dealers combination.

Reminders: You can try out free-of-charge game versions online for card games. Also, note that card games have a plenitude of strategies, we just presented tips for prudent spending.

  1. Select a safe online casino

Website safety leans heavily on licenses, encryptions, and transactions. All of the publicly available casinos in the UK are licensed by the UKGC, a stern authority in the field.

Reminders: You have to be careful and avoid unlicensed casinos.

Online casino experts from KingCasinoBonus created a first-rate online casino UK list which contains verified gambling sites. You can rely on it when looking for safe sites, well-rated by reviewers and players alike. It is also the place to find a fine selection of casino bonuses for the UK market.

They also teach you how to select a safe casino in three small steps:

  • Read the website’s terms of use carefully;

  • Scan for dubious or abusive statements;

  • Avoid all odd platforms at all costs.

  1. Make use of promotional codes

Your payments will be shortened if you pick offers with promo codes.

Here’s a pro tip for you! Check the offer’s terms, and pick bonuses with a small wagering (as compared to welcome bonuses) or no wagering attached. These include:

  • No deposit required, which can be accessed without a payment;

  • Cashback, which will bring you back a part of your losses;

  • Free spins, for slots machine play only.

  1. Consult all the guides available

Using a lot of sources to maximize your gameplay is recommended. Articles like this, video tutorials, written online guides, and punters’ opinions can all be used as information sources.

The advantage of comparing multiple perspectives is that you can train your eye to detect unfair bias and protect the money you set aside for gambling.

The more you read and learn, the more you will be prepared to avoid tricks and scams. It will be easier for you to recognize fair terms and make smart bets.

Final steps we recommend

There are two vital things when it comes to online wagering: your finances and your health. After you read these 6 strategies follow these steps to be on the right track:

  1. Pick the right casino website;

  2. Set your fixed budget and make no exception;

  3. Stay GambleAware!

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