Extinction Rebellion Accidentally Calls Sports Writer An “Ultra-Rich Media Baron” mdi-fullscreen

Extinction Rebellion’s plan to tell “the scary truth” about “ultra-rich media barons” by launching their own national tabloid (and in a stroke of genius, calling it “Not The Sun“) went about as well as you’d expect this week. In their hotly-anticipated first edition, the lunatic activists revealed they don’t even know who those ultra-rich media barons even are – by confusing Telegraph owner Frederick Barclay with author and sports journalist Patrick Barclay, and running a story which headlined the latter as a “Lord of the Lies”. To be fair to “Not the Sun”, they did also promise they’d try to “make us smile”…  

The paper immediately issued a grovelling correction, apologising to Patrick for accidentally calling him a “Fat Cat media baron” with a net worth of £4.3 billion, and adding:

“We would like to make it clear that Frederick Barclay is in fact the owner of the Telegraph and the Sunday Telegraph… We’d also like to thank Patrick for his good-humoured acceptance of our apology.”

Rich stuff from a group demanding people should be “allowed access to the true facts”.

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