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Huddersfield’s Labour MP Barry Sheerman is increasingly looking like someone whose grandkids should maybe tell him his deranged tweets can be seen by everyone. Among bizarre digital musings, which suggest he is few fries short of a happy meal, at 5.53 am this morning Barry told followers:

This beef with Maccies appears to be a major u-turn from Sheerman. In 2014 the MP spent a day working shifts at the restaurant, posing with a large batch of fries and a McChicken Sandwich.

It clearly left its mark on Barry, who returned in 2015 to see the franchise and placed an order via one of their new self-serving ordering kiosks, after a renovation saw them go onto burger and better things.

In 2019 he once again visited McDonalds, joking he was “checking on security at Huddersfield’s town centre”

It seems Barry’s no longer lovin’ it…

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