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SNP MP Peter Grant has apologised to Andrew Neil for claiming that “murdering babies wasn’t on the Nazi manifesto” in response to Andrew’s tweet that “accusations of fascism are bandied about today like confetti”.

In the now-deleted tweet, Grant wrote that “Not until they’d [the Nazis] been in power several years […] did they show their true colours.” Guido will let his readers decide what Grant was trying to imply…

In his apology, Grant wrote:

“I want to apologise unreservedly for a highly insensitive tweet I posted. While I strongly believe we must always be vigilant to the seeds of racism, antisemitism and fascism, I deeply regret how I made that point and I have deleted the tweet”. 

Andrew has accepted the apology and now considers the matter closed…

Peter’s colleague Anne McLaughlin, however, is yet to show any contrition for claiming that real fascism “didn’t start off talking about murdering children”, adding “NEVER regret leaving it too late to speak out”. A quick google would show Anne that Hitler wrote openly about the need to “exterminate (…) the international poisoners of our people” as early as 1925, long before he ascended to power”… 

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