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It is being reported that Jess Brammar is in the running to become head of BBC News, a position of great sensitivity in that the role involves setting the tone for the news channels and being responsible for the impartiality of the BBC’s news output. The former editor of the Huffington Post had for years pushed a left-wing agenda in that position. On every wedge issue she has overseen output that puts her on the left-wing side of the political agenda. Huffington Post during her editorship recycled press releases for the Labour Party as news. Often giving a platform for Labour shadow cabinet ministers to have an actual byline.

Brammar is a prolific tweeter, sending dozens of tweets daily, so it is notable that she has recently deleted 12 years of tweets, leaving just the last month’s anodyne, apolitical tweets left for public scrutiny – which in itself tells you something.  Her previous editorship saw output that was uniformly anti-austerity, anti-Brexit, pro-BLM and promoted a woke agenda. What on earth is the BBC thinking, in view of their mandate to be impartial, by considering Brammar for the appointment? There are plenty of senior journalists who are capable and have overseen more balanced output. Do the BBC really want to become a mirror image of GB News?

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