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The recent global events have been an unexpected windfall for the online gambling industry. The global market for online gambling has reached the US$ 57.11 billion bar in 2020 and is expected to reach US$ 97.69 billion by the year 2025. Innovation is fuelling the industry and offering more options to players. Many legislative changes lay ahead as the industry gains more recognition. Let’s take a look at what the future holds for online gambling.

Tightening of Regulations
While some territories are loosening up their restrictions on online gambling, others are making it harder for casinos. We can expect more jurisdictions to start introducing new policies regarding the operation and the advertisement of online casinos.

Advertisement is a sticky issue since so much of it relies on affiliate marketing. The problem is that most of the responsibility still is on the casino, and they will have to be more proactive to ensure compliance. Casinos will also have to make sure that they stay on top of privacy and security rules, as well as geographical restrictions.

Crypto Casinos on the Rise
There are still only a handful of casinos accepting crypto or that are catering to the crypto niche, though we can expect this number to grow over the next few years.

Crypto and online gambling seem to be a match made in heaven. These could greatly facilitate transactions and make the deposit and withdrawal process much smoother. More importantly, it allows casinos to reach players that wouldn’t usually be able to play. That’s because many cryptocurrencies offer total privacy to players, allowing them to play from wherever they are without the risk of sanctions.

One thing, however, that we can also expect is for more pressure to be put on these casinos to be transparent. Another thing we can expect to start hearing a lot is casinos using the blockchain. This could be a great way to both offer more transparency into their processes and improve security.

Even Better Deals for Players
One of the things that set online casinos apart from brick-and-mortar ones is the incredible bonuses they offer. While bonuses used to be a few hundred dollars at best, we’re now seeing online casinos like Casimba offering $5,000 deposit match bonuses to players. If you want to learn more about this, you can sign up at Casimba UK casino and take advantage of this bonus right away.

We can expect online casinos to be even more aggressive in the future as the competition grows. Bonuses have always been a staple in the industry and help attract and retain players. This is also why so many players choose to turn to online casinos instead of traditional ones.

AR and VR
Live casinos were the first major innovation in the world of online gambling. Now, we can see a future where AR and VR will become increasingly popular for casinos. The price of equipment is getting lower, which will eventually increase VR’s popularity. You even have companies like Nintendo creating VR headsets out of cardboard. More powerful handsets also mean that more will be able to process AR applications.

AR could allow players to turn their kitchen table into a roulette or craps one. This creates a much more immersive experience and could be a major selling point for new casinos.

More Gamification
The online gambling industry is also avidly pursuing the traditional gamer crowd. And one of the ways that they are trying to do this is by introducing more gaming elements into their game. Companies like NetEnt are well known for this.

These will routinely add bonus levels where players have to use skills to play mini-games or beat a special boss. Others will frame their games into adventure games where the main character can play casino games as part of a side quest. We can expect these to become more common as the younger generation of gamers goes up in age.

Many great things are set to happen for the online gambling industry in the next few years. It is slowly becoming a threat to traditional gambling and could even become the first option for a certain generation of players in the near future.

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