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A new report suggests that eco-warrior Carrie is actually damaging the planet by renting clothes. The new study, published by the Finnish scientific journal Environment Research Letters, argues that renting clothes has a higher climate impact than simply throwing them away once the hidden environmental costs of packaging, delivering and dry cleaning them are also accounted. According to the boffins from the Department of Sustainability Science at LUT University, renting clothes was the worst option with the highest global warming potential (GWP). Wearing the same clothes for extended periods had the lowest GWP. Fashion is just bad for the planet.

This will come as terrible news to climate-conscious Carrie, who notably rented her Christos Costarellos wedding dress for just £45. In fact, Mrs. Johnson ordered several decoy dresses alongside her dress of choice in order to keep the real dress a secret. Imagine the unnecessary damage those decoy dresses had on the environment… 

To add salt to the wound, Carrie also rented all of her outfits for the G7 summit, where world leaders pontificated about the importance of tackling climate change. Wearing the same thing twice would be more sustainable, though a little less fashionable. The only truly net zero solution is to grow your own clothes… 

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